Panel 1

Kas drives, he has a cloth up to his bloodied face. He’s narrating to his phone on the dash, the sun has fully set. The blood running down his face has matted his fur and soaked into his shirt.

Kas: The disks… I sent them off in time… If the Black Dogs can piece together the translation…

Panel 2

Kas lifts the cloth from his damaged face, his eye is squinted shut, the damage looks extensive.

Kas: It’ll be worth it. This… creature, the strange disappearances… The symbols out of time and geography… The unusual material on the disks…

Panel 3

The dark forest road is lit only by his headlights, the tell-tale shape of the Intruder lumbers out of the darkness.

Panel 4

The Intruder steps out into the road, lit by the headlights.

Panel 5

Through the camera (8:01PM) we see Kas’s mouth wide as he throws the wheel of the car to avoid the large creature.

Panel 6

Car swerves on the empty road, into the on-coming lane, moving past the Intruder who scratches the side of the vehicle with its bone-line claw.

Panel 7

The car hits the lip on the side of the road, the front wheel and hood buckle, the window pane shatters as the vehicle starts to flip.

Panel 8

Skidding and throwing up dirt, the car rolls down the bank at the side of the road, spraying metal and glass as it tumbles into the trees.