Panel 1

The car lays on its side, crumpled badly, the roof is caved in and window screen smashed out. Laying in the torn up earth, it has skidded to a stop after hitting a tree. The light of the phone, and a few remaining car lights are all that light the area. The cellphone light catches the dust inside the car from the deployed airbags.

Panel 2

Kas hangs from the driver’s seat, his left arm is pinned over his head between the roof and headrest of the seat. Fresh blood drips from his face into the airbag as he fights to push the bag down.

Panel 3

From the phone video, Kas reaches out to grab the phone.

Panel 4

Disorientated, he looks into the camera with his one good eye.

Kas: There’s… More than one… There’s-

Panel 5

Something moves the camera aside, rushing Kas through the missing window screen, his cries cut off in a blur of movement.

Panel 6

The camera falls on its side against the cracked passenger window, looking to the back of the car. A dark, wet patch on the glass shows where Kas had been bleeding while hanging.

Panel 7

Blood dripping from above into the patch on the ground

Panel 8

A severed and twisted arm and hand, Kas’s arm that had been pinned, falls to the ground, torn right off the bone.

Narration: record end.