Panel 1

Kas tries to push door open, bracing himself on the wall so he slip out. The Intruder reaches out for Kas with its larger arm and pushes the door shut with its small hands.

Panel 2

The large claw reaches out for Kas’s face, as Kas has almost forced the door open enough to get through. The intruder trills.

Panel 3

Fighting with the door with all his might, Kas has his teeth grit, the claw draws down his face, cutting through the fur and skin, he is making headway.

Kas grunts in strain and fear: Mhhh!

Panel 4

Crying out in pain, Kas is pushed back, his left shoulder pinned between the door and the frame. The claw cuts down his cheek, Kas’s eye closed but sliced open, weeping blood down his face. The Intruder has its drooling mouth open ready to bite him, savage teeth showing

Kas screams in agony: AHHH!!!

Panel 5

Blood running down his face, Kas shoves the bag deep into the Intruder’s mouth, choking it and forcing it back as he finally makes space to slip out.

Panel 6

Kas runs toward his car without his bag, the door forced shut behind him, the Intruder reaches out through the window, sending showers of glass into the air as it growls angrily.