Panel 1

Skidding down the stairs, Kas bounces off the wall at the bottom.

Panel 2

He tumbles into the living room, falling over. Thudding down the stairs and the shadow of the creature indicate it is close.

Panel 3

As Kas pulls himself up, the Intruder leaps down the stairs, arms and leg gripping the far wall with a crash of wood and plaster.

Panel 4

Head of the Intruder turns to face Kas, pulling itself around the stair rail and cracking the patio door as Kas scurries towards the kitchen and front door. Night is falling outside.

Panel 5

The Intruder lumbers after him on its large hands and feet like a gorilla.

Panel 6

Kas rushes towards the door, looking back as the creature gains on him.

Panel 7

The Intruder has peeled paper off the wall, smashes the decorations and slams hard into the door, smashing the window. Kas ducks aside at the last minute, dodging the blow.