Panel 1

Looking solemn and tired, Kas drives home while being recorded, the camera reads 5:02PM

Kas (narrating from previous page): If I’m not there… Don’t wait.

Panel 2

Kas has pulled up to his house, parking outside on the street and leaving the door to the car open. The sun is starting to set in the distance,

Kas (narration continues): I hope its just a formality… But, I’ve enclosed… a letter.

Panel 3

Kas is packing his satchel bag with papers and books from his desk, door wide open to the hall.

Kas: Come on…

Panel 4

Inside his bedroom, Kas is racing the darkening sky, he has a duffel bag open on the end of the bed and is packing from drawers open behind him.

Panel 5

He turns back to the dresser, coughing into his arm. The Intruder’s snout starts to poke out from under the bed.

Panel 6

One of the long, clawed arms reaches out towards the bag on the bed, Kas turns back and sees the movement finally.

Panel 7

As all four arms are out on the bed and floor to drag itself out. Kas starts running, scooping low to grab the satchel bag.