Panel 1

Kas sits in his car, he’s outside a courier service. He is taking rubbings of the box lid, with the open box seeming to contain some papers and the slots for the disks. He has wrapped a bandage around his leg which has still seeped blood onto the seat of his car. He has his phone on the dashboard recording him

Kas: Will test this soon… but, I think I finally have-

<Coughs interrupt>

Kas: Finally have all the pieces.

Panel 2

Looking at the camera, Kas looks sick, practically feverish. It is 45 minutes later.

Kas: I saw it, head on… Gods…

Kas: Light might slow it down… but… it’s like nothing on earth.

Panel 3

Inside the box we see some of the notes from Sirratt, the assistant who had escaped with the disks. They include rough sketches of the Intruder’s face and body and frantic scribbling including the odd phrase “Curiosity killed the ‘Cat’???”

Kas (off-panel): Sirratt was right to hide on a boat. The Intruder, it has claws capable of forcing a lock. Lo-

<Coughs interrupt>

Kas: Look for damage, it’s smart… locks doors behind it… Smart enough to hide. It’s fast when it needs to be.

Panel 4

Through the camera view, Kas looks very sad, he’s playing with his fingers.

Kas: Keep moving. It won’t stop till it has the disks… I’m sorry to put this on you but… Whatever it is, it’s…

Panel 5

Leaning in, Kas holds up a bloody finger claw he pulled off his own finger.

Kas: It makes you sick, just being near it… That’s what killed McCallun.

Panel 6

Kas holds up a large parcel, he has a hopeful expression as he shows the box’s address to the camera as proof. He has clearly written a bogus return address. Some of the letters don’t use the English alphabet.

Kas: I’m sending these to someone I can trust. Made copies for myself… I’ll… I’ll try to meet it there.

Panel 7

Kas tosses a blood-coated finger claw into the change well of his car, next to it is an empty blister pack for four Micro SD cards.