Panel 1

Kas lands hard, wind knocked out of him on the floor, he grabs the box, the Intruder watches through the rails with feral anger.

Panel 2

Kas limps down the hall towards the kitchen, leaving a smear on the wall and blood on the floor. The Intruder grips onto the dividing wall and squeezes over the top of the balcony, watching him.

Panel 3

From the camera’s view, swinging free by his chest, Kas pulls the kitchen door open to the outside.

Panel 4

Kas jumps into the car, throwing the box down next to the satchel, looking terrified.

Panel 5

4:00 PM, Kas hasn’t stopped driving to turn off the camera or adjust it. We see his hands gripping the steering wheel. As he exclaims his fear, he starts to cough again.

Kas: Shit shit shit fuck!

Panel 6

A drip of blood rolls down the black plastic of his steering wheel as the camera continues to capture the events.

Kas: This can’t be real…

Panel 7

Kas has pulled over at a rest stop along a quiet highway, he is on all fours vomiting.