Panel 1

Crawling away up the stairs, Kas reaches out for the hammer, the Intruder pulling itself up the stairs in an unnatural, spider-like way, using all four arms to block Kas. A blood stain is forming on his jeans getting slightly larger each frame as blood runs down the monster’s arm.

Panel 2

Kas throws the box over the banister as the creature crawls its way closer, using a grasping hand to push away one of the frames on the stairs behind it.

Panel 3

Kas swings the hammer at the wooden rails with a cracking sound, the Intruder turns its attention back to him.

Panel 4

The rail breaks free at the top, Kas’s scared eyes wide as and the Intruder looms closer, reaching out for him.

Panel 5

The Intruder grips hold of the hammer in Kas’s hand, Kas kicks the strut free as the Intruder’s right arm is winding back for a spear-like stab.

Panel 6

Kas lets go of the hammer as he pushes off the wall and through the gap in railing he made, the Intruder’s right arm blade comes down spearing into the step where Kas was moments ago.