Panel 1

The creature moves to stop Kas: one big clawed arm just missing his face. It slams into the wall hard enough to dislodge paintings and break the plaster. The smaller right arm grabs Kas by the shirt as he recoils from the impact.

Panel 2

Kas falls back as his shirt rips, painting’s clatter on the stairs, he clutches the box and tries to back up on his rump.

Panel 3

With the creature’s head locked on Kas, its grasping hand clutches his shin. Kas strains on the banister to stop himself being pulled towards the creature, pulling himself up towards the hammer on the stairs.

Kas: No no no no!

Panel 4

With both large, clawed hands leveraging on the wall and banister, the Intruder’s grasping hands grab his leg in a firmer grip and pull him down towards his doom, the creature growling.

Panel 5

Kas grabs a picture frame and chops at the creature’s grasping arm with it with his free hand.

Panel 6

Recoiling with its left grasping hand holding its right, it has a tight grip on the stairs and recoils in pain as it brings a claw arm down on Kas’s leg: both crying out in pain as the claw sinks into the meat of his thigh.