Panel 1

Kas’s phone swinging on the lanyard, we see the box in Kas’s arms. Lighting the couch and a hunched figure.

Panel 2

Beyond the figure, silhouetted by the camera light behind it, Kas is frozen mid-way down the stairs.

Kas: M… Marx?

Panel 3

Part of the phone video, we see the crouched feral form in the dark. It trills out a familiar growl.

Panel 4

A pale white creature with baggy skin turns, its muzzle is somewhat short for a dog, teardrop shaped, its eyes are almost entirely black, it has no nose besides two slits on its chin.

Panel 5

As the creature is tilts its head quizzically light catches on pitted growths under its chin.

Panel 6

The tilting continues until its head entirely upside down, the jaw, which goes deep into the skull opening slightly to show long white hooked teeth. It’s nostrils flare, a cluster of small eyes showing atop, large night vision eyes showing below.

Panel 7

Creature starts to stand, it has two very long arms with large central blade-like claws and thick, digitgrade legs. Kas, totally shocked, drops the hammer onto the stairs.

Panel 8

Reaching out towards Kas in the stark light of the phone: the “Intruder” stands incredibly tall, its feet have three toes at the front and two at the rear. It’s long arms look powerful, fingers either side are shorter and thin with long needle-like claws, it has a humanoid thumb on both sides of its hand. Unfurled from its torso is a second set of grasping arms with a set of three normally proportioned fingers and a thumb on each side like the larger arms.