Panel 1

At the top of the stairs, Kas has three rooms with closed doors to chose from.

Panel 2

From within a dark, purple colored room, lit by his cellphone, Kas looks around sheepishly as the door creaks.

Panel 3

Kas has found the office, a large two-tiered writer’s desk dominates the room framed by front-facing windows. There is a bookshelf, but almost all of the books and papers here are gone. There is another door which the feline has settled the phone camera on.

Kas: Office closet…

Panel 4

Kas has opened the closet, it is empty, he has the hammer in his hands and is looking at the floorboards.

Panel 5

With two of the boards pried up Kas is reaching in for a canvas sack.

Panel 6

Through the phone camera (3:47PM) we see the large engraved box in a blackened bronze, Kas’s fingers run over the complexly patterned surface.

Kas: Okay… Now to get the hell out of this place.