Panel 1

Kas looks around the kitchen & hall cautiously: it is relatively dark inside despite the time of day due to drawn blinds. He is holding his camera in one hand and the claw hammer in the other, leaving the door open behind him.

Panel 2

Through the camera we see that the kitchen has a pantry door next to the external wall and a hallway, showing an opening to the left and a living room beyond.

Panel 3

Following down the hall with the camera, a dining room is revealed, a photo on the wall of Professor McCallun with his large feral pet dog Marx. Using his the hammer-holding hand Kas has tried a light switch.

Kas: No power…

Panel 4

The view swings back to the living room. The front door straight ahead and blinds closed. There is a dog toy on the couch.

Panel 5

As Kas moves through the area, we see the TV area on the wall that separates from the dining room. Books above and below are messily piled up.

Panel 6

Kas has his mouth in the crook of his arm, muffling a cough as he starts up stairs with a traditional wood banister, the light of his phone illuminating the paintings up the stairs and leaving the living room in darkness.

Panel 7

The camera records the path up the stairs and the turn up onto the upper hallway.