Panel 1

In a similar, but busier, neighborhood, Kas’s blue car reverses into the garage spot of a small boxy house with solar panels. This is Professor McCallun’s house.

Panel 2

Looking over his shoulder, Kas reverses up the driveway. He passes the tall windows near the front door on the side of the house, the blinds closed during the sunny day.

McCallun (through car speakers): The office closet… Easy enough to pry up the boards again, just enough room for the box… Keeps it safe.

Panel 3

Kas has reversed all the way off the back of the driveway and onto the small lawn to get him closest to the back door. Kas carries a small bag that appears to have tools in it and his phone on a lanyard. In his back yard, it seems like McCallun has a covered pool.

Panel 4

Through the camera (3:35PM) we see Kas’s fingers running over the locks, which have deep scratch marks like it had been picked with a screwdriver.

Kas: Same marks…

Panel 5

Wedging a broad chisel into the frame beside the lock, Kas has a claw hammer in the other hand.

Panel 6

Inside the dark kitchen lit through the blinds we see Kas through the back window. The sound indicates that Kas is hitting the pin of the lock which crunches and breaks.