Panel 1

The office door looks splintered where the nails driven into it over and over have split the wood.

Narration: Three days later.

Panel 2

The room looks relatively messy, notes balled up and strips of paper littering the desk. Kas looks like he hasn’t slept well at all, clothes bedraggled and hair messy. He talks to the camera phone set up on his desk. His computer screen on the wall shows a few articles.

Kas: This is bigger than I thought… But I guess I’m in the thick of it now… Hell if I’m going to let that-

<Coughs interrupt>

Kas: That thing take me, or the disks. It might be good with locks but nails hold it just fine… Keeping the lights on… noise down.

Panel 3

Kas’s tablet PC shows an unsolved mysteries site called ‘Ghost Hunt’, we see a still from Julia’s ghost hunting video with the title ‘hoax or hoaXXX?’, the opening reads: J. King tantalizes the ghost hunting community with saucy vids from Khalid Manor.

Kas: I can’t let it distract me from the disks… That’s what it wants, I can’t let it…

<Coughs interrupt>

Kas: I can’t let it win…

Kas: I think I found help… if I can get to them. I’ll ship things ahead of me, try to grab a flight. I don’t know how much I can trust them, but… Considering those detective guys, I don’t have any options locally. I can’t stay here any longer… the door wont hold forever.

Panel 4

Kas stops to cough into a tissue, holding his chest with his other hand. The screen behind him shows profiles on Professor Victor Morgan, Melissa’s dad and the old black dogs order photo.

Kas: I’m close to cracking this thing… The symbols themselves… I think there’s more to it tha-

<Coughs interrupt>

Kas: Than McCallun thought… I have a theory about the code, with a big enough sample I can crack it, but…

Panel 5

A close up from the view of the camera: Kas holds up a photo of a dark bronze box, the box the disks were discovered in by Dr. Warwick.

Kas: But… I need something first.