Panel 1

8:5PM, Kas has set his phone to record inside his office: he has pulled boxes out of the closet in the corner and is driving nails into his door, effectively barricading himself in.

Panel 2

Kas continues to nail the door shut.

Panel 3

Kas nails a book to block the path of the door, creating an immovable wedge.

Panel 4

9:41PM, later in the night, Kas sits by his armchair with the boxes now piled in front of one of the windows. Looking exhausted, he has a few snacks around and is biting into an apple.

Panel 5

Kas flinches and grabs his muzzle.

Panel 6

Kas get closer to the phone on the desk, holding up a tooth with dark-looking blood on it, a look of shock and fear on his face.

Kas: What the hell is happening?”

Panel 7

11:03PM, Kas adjusts the camera’s view back towards the closet and door to the office.

Panel 8

He crawls on his hands and knees towards the closet

Panel 9

He pulls the door shut, leaving the camera on to watch the room as he sleeps in the small closet.