Panel 1

Through the camera’s view (8:30PM), we see down the stairs, lit by the camera phone’s light.

Panel 2

Kas sneaks downstairs, holding the phone in one hand and box cutter in the other.

Panel 3

Illuminating the kitchen and beyond, the front door stands ajar, the glow of the street lights outside.

Panel 4

Kas skids to a stop against the door, slamming it shut and throwing the internal bolt across it.

Panel 5

Kas slips down with his back to the door, dim light from outside the frosted window.

Kas: Phew…

Panel 6

He jumps back from the door, mouth open as a three-fingered hand slams onto the window, part of a hunched figure seen through the frosted glass.

Panel 7

Kas scoots away from the door on his back, holding his phone like a crucifix, aiming it at the door. Nothing is seen through the door’s window as a trilling growl comes from beyond the door.