Panel 1

Kas returns home, headphones in, he looks around sheepishly, light low inside.

McCallun (from headphones): Too old… and too sick… It’s getting worse… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I have a gun, but… hell… I’ve not shot it for decades.

Panel 2

Kas heads upstairs towards his office and bedroom.

McCallun (from headphones): I think I’ll take a flight… Small airports <Coughs interrupt>…less cameras.

Panel 3

Kas is set up in his office again, returning to puzzling over the disks for the evening.

McCallun (from headphones): If this… Intruder… can follow the distance I’ve… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I moved in a day… I don’t feel safe here.

Panel 4

A tall humanoid shape moves past the office door towards the stairs, a floorboard creaking.

McCallun (from headphones): If this creature is tied to the disks… If it was chasing Sirratt… Warwick’s disappearance… Well…

Panel 5

Kas’s face is frozen in abject horror as he hears something in his home while McCallun gives his dire warning.

McCallun (from headphones): <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> If you are listening to this… I’m sorry. I can only hope these notes found… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I… I don’t even know any more. I feel like I’m… recording my own obituary.

Panel 6

The sound of heavy footfalls moves down the stairs. Kas is standing his ground, in his right hand he extends the blade of a box cutter.

McCallun (from headphones): All I can say for now… the Intruder… Its good with locks. <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I’m using nails… lots of nails. Got to get out of town, leaving the disks back with bill.