Panel 1

Kas once again sits in the middle of the archive storage room, the papers and tapes on the desk, Karensky is bagging them into forensic sleeves. Kas signs something whilst Rackham oversees.

Karensky: And this is everything?

Kas: I already told you, that’s everything I have.

Rackham: We believe Professor McCallun might have had some artifacts in his office, things he wasn’t authorized to have. Did you see anything like that? Any ornaments?

Panel 2

Karensky checks the tapes while Rackham eyes Kas suspiciously.

Kas: Just those files and tapes. Ler- Uh, Doctor Sabine was the one who passed them off to be archived, they were on the desk when I got in Monday. I didn’t collect them personally.

Panel 3

As he leaves the school building, Kas looks over his shoulder, he has his phone out and headphones in.

Panel 4

Using the media player on his phone, 6:27PM, we see he is playing a 40 minute digitized recording of McCalluns last tapes.

McCallun (from headphones): <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> It’s getting worse…

Panel 5

Kas drives with his headphones still in as the sun sets.

McCallun (from headphones): The Sirratt documents… maybe they were less nonsense than I thought. Hiding on his boat, I… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I wish I’d thought of it… The… Intruder… I’ve never seen anything like it… Sirratt’s notes, he found a reference to something similar, myths concerning a ‘following’ creature acting at night, taking the… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> the ones who look too deep.