Panel 1

Through his camera recording (9:46AM), Kas breaths heavily in the car, knuckles white as he panics.

Panel 2

Eight minutes later, running fingers through hair, Kas looks like he’s been crying.

Panel 3

Looking scared, Kas addresses the camera.

Kas: What now? What the hell do these people want?

Panel 4

Kas runs the tapes through a digitizer, the lecture from the first tape plays from the speakers. The computer screen shows the digital recording progress. We also see a scanner and shredder, it looks like Kas is making copies to protect McCallun’s research.

McCallun (from speakers): We see the use of cuneiform as a syllabic alphabet as early as 5000 years ago, used to name kings in Assur ruins. Of course, given that pictographs fell out of

Panel 5

Kas checks the Yale lock on his office, heading out with the satchel of papers.

Panel 6

Kas locks his front door as he leaves.

Panel 7

Close to the lock, we see that the lock has been scratched and damaged by something.