Panel 1

In a flashback, or perhaps only Kas’s imagination, two men in ski masks and flashlights search his office, one wears distinct reading glasses.

Karensky (in narration): It doesn’t look like the thief got away with anything important, but if you were to have accidentally taken sensitive material home, it might put you at risk.

Panel 2

Kas, looking nervous but also somewhat suspicious, plays along.

Kas: I have a few folders, most of it is already filed online, lecture notes and stuff. But I can bring them back in… if you think it’d be safer?

Panel 3

Karensky puts on a distinct pair of reading glasses, looking at a list of items.

Karensky: Professor McCallun is under investigation for some serious allegations, I suggest you bring everything on this list back: today.

Panel 4

Kas leaves the building, shutting the door behind him calmly.

Panel 5

Less than calmly, Kas runs to his car fearfully.