Panel 1

Daylight streams through the window, the hills in the background. His cellphone rings from the cabinet.

Panel 2

Looking groggy and barely awake, Kas answers the phone, running a hand through his hair.

Kas: Yes? Hello?

Unknown Caller: Mr. Vigne? Kastos Vigne? This is Agent Rackham.

Panel 3

Kas sits nervously in one of the archive rooms, dressed in a shirt. The desk has been cleared.

Agent Rackham: You don’t have any idea who might have done something like this?

Kas: N-no…

Panel 4

Kas’s workstation has been strewn around, figures and his lamp knocked over, a tablet screen cracked as books and notes are spread around.

Rackham (in narration): Dr. Sabine says you haven’t been in the office the last two days?

Kas (in narration): No, I often work from home, especially my doctoral studies. And I was feeling… a little sick.

Panel 5

Back in the make-shift interview room Kas sits cautiously as the two interrogators stand over him in dark suits: a Yellow-bellied Skink (Karensky) and Eurasian Wolf (Rackham).

Karensky: Your colleague said you took some work home with you?

Kas: What? Oh… Yes, some archive work, sorting some papers.

Rackham: Professor Darron McCallun’s work?

Kas: That’s right, from Anthropology. I studied under him, ancient literature and mythology.