Panel 1

Kas returns from a hardware store with a large bag, he looks somewhat bedraggled.

Panel 2

Kas stands in his upstairs hallway, drilling a hole for a Yale lock on his office door.

Panel 3

Leaning over the untidy desk in new clothes, Kas sets up his cellphone in a cradle for filming, talking to himself.

Kas: This is… nuts. But, if he left a record, I should too… Okay, here goes.

Panel 4

View through the camera, 5:45PM, Kas tries to straighten his hair, looking cautious.

Kas: Parekklisia dig site, 2021, lead archaeologist Dr. Warwick uncovered a tomb.

Panel 5

A camera view (9:20PM) shows Kas’s bedroom from a dresser at foot of bed. He has a small, neat bedroom and large bed and a French balcony. Kas sits on the bed sorting through some of his notes to keep them close.

McCallun (from headphones): I… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I moved hotels. Stupid of me, used my card. They must have been tracking th-the- <Coughs interrupt, distortion gets worse> N-not gettin’ any younger.

Panel 6

Kas has climbed into bed, out of his blue outer shirt. The dark border of his yard shown through the windows, the blinds left open. Kas has all the lights on, including lamp on sideboard, he leans over to press off the Dictaphone.

McCallun (from headphones): Using cash now, keeping lights on. Like being back in the war… Checking my exits… Never would have thought… <Coughs interrupt, causing distortion> I’m never going back to that house.

<Tape clicks off.>

Panel 7

Kas closes his eyes and tries to sleep. A branch of the tree outside seems to move slightly.