1: Agent Jackson walks the girls down a stone hallway, towards a clear plastic curtain guarded by a canid guard with a compact rifle.

Jackson: Seems your presentation left an impression. The researchers here had no reason to believe that the Black Idol was actually associated with the ruins here on Earth, till now.

Melissa: On Earth…?

Jackson: I’ve been authorized to debrief you on another vital piece of information that might help with your research.

2: He shows his badge to the agent outside the curtain.

3: The two girls are let inside, and they look amazed.

4: The room they are let into is large and circular, punctuated by a massive stone archway: a large door-like row of decorated stones. Beneath the arch of stone is solid, matte black rock. Scientists monitor a series of computers and machines as they take readings of the very large black doorway.