1: Back in the stony make-shift break room. Julia stands and Melissa attacks the buffet, snacking and relaxing after their presentation. Julia doesn’t seem too relaxed, running her fingers through her hair.

Melissa: I think you did great.

Julia: Hm? Yeah… went well, I guess.

Melissa: …What’s up? You’re awfully quiet.

2: Julia looks concerned, squinting.

Julia: Dr. Njeri said those things in the cave died when exposed to surface bacteria, right?

We know Hedgeworth uncovered the ruins, only to seal them back up, so he must have gone down there at some point.

Maybe he found something, maybe he didn’t, but what’s bothering me is… Why would those things be alive when we got down there if Hedgeworth already contaminated them?

3: Melissa, leaning on the table, listens carefully.

Melissa: Do you think they’re lying to us-

Julia (quietly off-panel): Wait, ssh, I hear someone coming.

4: The two look over towards the door.

Off-panel a familiar voice answers: Ladies. Hope I’m not interrupting your scheming.

5: Special Agent Jackson, well dressed raccoon, stands in the door, vaguely smiling.

Julia (off-panel): Hey, Agent Jackson!