1: Backing up to stand behind the pedestal on which the Black Idol stands motionless, the lizard stalks its prey.

2: Hidden behind another pillar, Tucker is shaking as he tries to prepare his pistol.

3: Ikal and Hedgeworth hide behind their pillars, upright, guns at the ready.

Hedgeworth: Your ignorant race lived for centuries making castles in the dirt!

Think what our race could do with a lifespan beyond even yours, without diluting our learning every dozen years and having to train replacements!

4: Ikal ducks out the other side, low, aiming his gun.

Ikal: Just keep talking you flannel-mouthed liar.

5: Hedgeworth hears this and darts out from behind his, but has to turn around the pillar to see Ikal. He fires.

Hedgeworth: We will have an eternity for knowledge!

6: The shot hits Ikal’s pillar again: he has hunkered down, mostly hidden by his hat.