1: Ikal looks up at some acid holes that have formed in his hat as the stone pillar crumples a little

2: Looking past the rim, he sees the cracks in the pillar have gotten worse, the sound of crumbling and cracking from the stone.

3: Hedgeworth ducks out from behind his pillar again, gun out, trying to find Ikal.

4: He recoils: a shot firing out, and a bullet crashing across his lower torso, splashing with dark blood.

5: Down the barrel of a smoking gun, we see the focused eyes of Tucker.

Ikal (off-screen): Tucker!?

6: Ikal climbs up one of the pillars and is poised to kick off it.

Ikal: Oof, time for me to play a lone hand here… Run, kid!

7: As Ikal kicks at the column and jumps off it, the pillar starts to crack open and collapse.