1: To show he’s serious, Ikal pulls the hammer on his gun.

Ikal: Enough of your snipsnap. Hands where I can see ’em, pard’.

2: Hedgeworth pauses, a hand near his coat.

3: The bug ducks quickly, jumping behind a pillar, shards of rock cascade off it as a bullet graces its surface.

4: Ikal fan’s the hammer back again as he braces himself again the nearest pillar, getting low.

Ikal: Don’t this cap the damn climax… bushwackin’ son of a whore…

5: Hedgeworth is behind his pillar, he has pulled out the weapon from his coat: the same strange, biological weapon from earlier in the last issue. The lizard is on guard with frill perked, standing protectively in front of the black idol.

6: Ikal ducks down as a shot it seen, a blurry projectile of purple hitting above with a splat.

7: Ikal sees some of the pillar near him starting to steam and smoke as the acid from Hedgeworth’s gun eats into the stone.