1: Ikal’s eye narrows.

Ikal: Is that true, Hedgeworth? This abominable thing is a killer?

2: Hedgeworth has turned away, but still has eyes on Ikal.

Hedgeworth: …yes.

This is one small part of a massive creature… and much of the galaxy struggles against it.

Ikal (off-screen): An’ I reckon you don’t care.

3: Ikal raises his gun back up, aiming it.

Ikal: This was never about findin’ your missin’ men. You just wanted to make a cats-paw of me to take this calamitousness outta here. For what, to get stronger? Or to use it against people?

Hedgeworth (off-screen): So we could evolve, Mr. Tinalto.

Ikal: Into what? Somethin’ that kills and destroys planets? You’re off your rocker!

4: Hedgeworth slowly steps to his side, a hand reaching towards his coat pocket.

Hedgeworth: I was right about you, Mr. Tinalto. You’re an ignorant native. And Tucker…

5: Tucker is stepping back, looking hurt by Hedgeworth’s words.

Hedgeworth: If you are really can’t see what this can do for our entire people, then you are a disgrace to the memories you carry.