1: Ikal still has his gun ready as he listens. He seems to be doing his best to understand.

Hedgeworth: But simply taking the shard would be short-sighted.

Ikal, how much do you know about our technology? Our machines, the way we do things?

Tucker knows, obviously, our entire world is biological. Weapons, buildings, transportation… all made from plants and animals. All bred and crafted over generations. We manipulate their blood and change them into what we need.

2: Hedgeworth speaks.

Hedgeworth: Even our own bodies, our own blood, has been changed and manipulated over thousands of generations to make us smarter and grow faster.

3: Ikal looks angrier.

Ikal: Then what’s got you so “sick”?

Hedgeworth: Weakness is our disease. Inferiority.

We have spent thousands of years breeding, learning, conditioning our race to be the pinnacle of biological advancement. But this… the Black Star…

4: The Black Idol stares silently.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): This is a sample of simply the most perfect animal the universe has ever seen.

5: Tucker looks worried and recoils.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): You are young, but you have old memories inside you. Think on them. Contemplate what our race has gone through to become the perfect species… only to discover this creature spreading across the galaxy, adapting and evolving.

Tucker: It kills people! It destroys worlds!