1: Tucker and the gun-ready Ikal stand off to the left, with Hedgeworth and the lizard on the right with the idol.

Tucker: Ikal… this is what I was talking about. This is it, this is the thing that threatens so many worlds!

Hedgeworth: So, he told you about it. Many of us simply call it the Black Star.

Ikal: What’s it doin’ here? Sakes alive, what’s it doin’ on my planet Hedgeworth?

2: The lizard prowls closer to Ikal, snarling, tail perked, frill extended. Ikal has his gun on him, stepping back.

Lizard: [????]

Ikal: Watch it, fice!

Lizard: [!!!!!]

3: Tucker gestures frantically.

Tucker: The sampleā€¦ that can’t be it! We can’t have come here to study that!

Isn’t the silver thing what we want?

4: The lizard circles back towards Hedgeworth, keeping his eyes on Ikal. Hedgeworth seems calm, hands clasped.

Hedgeworth: Both. Since abandoning our mission, it seems no one in the camp has thought to educate you properly.

That small, silver object is one of the few ways guaranteed to stop the Black Star. We came to this planet in the hopes that ruins like these would hold these silver shards.