1: Large panel of a newspaper article, discussing the mining collapse is held by an avian hand.


The Tar Creek mining claim, outside of Clearwater, Nevada, was forced to close its business after a significant collapse on August 1st. Three men were reported killed in the accident, which happened after hours. Initial surveyors state that the mines are inaccessible at this time and would take significant resources to re-open. No cause of the collapse has yet been discovered, though it is suggested that tunnel instability may have been a factor.

Clearwater residents reported local seismological disturbances on the morning of August 1st, though no damage has been reported to local buildings. Displaced workers, many of whom have criminal or financial history in local counties, have vacated the hill camp due to lack of work and damage to the camp water supply.

Local sheriff, Ikal Tinalto, wrote that an investigation into the disappearance of Tar Creek Company owner Colin Hedgeworth was underway, in connection with the accident. Tinalto suggested in his correspondence with Nevada Dispatch that unsafe mining conditions may have lead to the collapse and that Hedgeworth, currently wanted for questioning by Nevada state, may have left town to avoid repercussions. Despite the abundance of labor force in the area, “financial viability” is stated as a major factor in the site’s indefinite closure.

2: Hedgeworth in his avian disguise is holding the paper and looking up away from it. Behind him, we see the deck of a ship.