1: Hedgeworth walks across the ship deck. Beside him is a shorter bird, walking with a cane, a Sand Piper. A reptile deckhand hurries to carry something below deck.

Sand Piper: So your comrades really destroyed the city .

You don’t think they’ll come after you?

Hedgeworth: They wouldn’t have the time, they should have left the planet by now.

2: They continue down the deck.

Sand Piper: Tell me again, how long is the trip on this thing?

Hedgeworth: 2 months, with good weather. Then it’s a train ride to Cairo.

3: Inside of the ship, wooden crates are stacked as cargo, one large box on a pallet is noted as “fragile”.

4: The crate marked “fragile” is neat and secure, unimposing.

5: Inside the crate, the frozen mass of The Black Idol is nestled between hay packing.