1: Ikal adjusts the saddle on Maximon.

2: His poncho is tugged on by little pink-ish bug hands.

3: Ikal turns to see Tucker looking up at him.

Tucker: I just wanted to say goodbye, Ikal!

Ikal (off-screen): Sheesh, you bugs’re a sappy lot.

But heck, I’m real glad I could help you out, kiddo. You mind your flock, y’hear lone star?

Tucker: Yes sir!

4: Tucker is starry-eyed as Ikal sets his hat down on his head.

Ikal: You got sand kid, take care of my cady for me.

5: Up on the saddle now, Ikal works the reins to get Maximon moving.

6: Tucker watches Ikal and Maximon gallop off, out of the camp and across the desert under the blue sky.