1: A dome-like building of white shell is lit by the setting afternoon sun.

2: Inside, Ikal sleeps on a hammock, his hat and poncho hung on a small jutting antler-like bare tree.

3: Ikal opens one eye, his arm resting over his face.

4: Beside him, Jocelyn has pulled up a seat and is watching him.

Ikal (off-screen): Mornin’.

Jocelyn: You will be leaving soon?

Ikal (off-screen): Well, not like I can come with y’all.

5: Ikal sits up, getting up out of the webbing.

Jocelyn: I am very glad we met, Ikal. You’ve helped us all greatly, and I will cherish the time we spent together.

Ikal: It’s been a wild ride meeting you travelers. You’re a good person, Jocelyn, I mean it.

Jocelyn: My people… when we pass, we save our memories. We pass them along to new generations.

6: Jocelyn takes Ikal’s hand and is clutching it as he speaks.

Jocelyn: I will make sure the memories of you never fade.