1: Ikal listens, seeming sad.

Jocelyn (off-screen): What the Black Star has done is beyond tragic, but we are scientists. Studying a sample could be the breakthrough that changes our entire species.

It could help us and our creations adapt to any planet and any situation. We could solve the vexing problem of our short lifespans.

We could finally regain the hive mind we once had as feral creatures.

2: Ikal speaks cautiously.

Ikal: “We”. “Us”.

You idolize it too, is that the long and short of it?

3: Jocelyn looks away.

4: Ikal leans forward, looking stern.

Ikal: Now, I’m all abroad when it comes to most of this, so don’t expect an ol’ mop like me to know what your people need. I don’t rightly know what that black thing is capable of, or what blood is already on it.

I just…

Dammit, Jocelyn. I reckoned on Hedgeworth being a bad seed, didn’t bet on the rest of you holding to that thumper he spun me!

Just seems real twistical to me, if you really have to go to the whole figure with that monster you’d better know what you’re doing. Your… evolution, or whatever – it better be worth it.