1: Jocelyn calmly explains.

Jocelyn: The thing you saw is one piece of a larger creature commonly known as the Black Star. It is a singular biological organism that can reshape itself and split into a near infinite number of smaller forms.

2: Ikal looks worried.

Ikal: The kid said it hurt a lot of people.

Jocelyn (off-screen): This is true.

3: The two old friends speak in the room.

Jocelyn: The Black Star has compromised many species’ across the galaxy.

Ikal: Hedgeworth described it like a plague.

Jocelyn: It is more like a cancer. It spreads and consumes life indiscriminately.

You mentioned a silver shard. That shard is a fragment of the only thing we know that could stop the Black Star… we have been scouring all planets that might hold any pieces of it.

Ikal: But then… why would you want that creature back? Why not just destroy it?

4: Jocelyn explains diplomatically.

Jocelyn: Hedgeworth may have told you that some of us idolize it.

Some of our species, some of our camp, consider it the pinnacle of biological development.