1: Ikal takes a seat before Jocelyn on a table. He removes his hat and holds it in his lap.

Jocelyn: I was overjoyed to hear you had arrived… I had very much hoped to see you once again.

Ikal: What happened to yer? You got sick?

Jocelyn: No, Ikal. If you recall, I told you that our species lives much shorter lives than yours. I’m afraid you’ve found me in my twilight.

I am thankful that I will live long enough to see our ship take flight, and our people leave this planet… as much as I have grown fond of it.

2: Ikal looks nervous, he fidgets with a strange alien gadget in the room, his eyes are still on Jocelyn.

Jocelyn (off-screen): If I do not speak to you about Hedgeworth, my superiors will be quite mad with me.

Ikal: Ah. Right.

Well, the crazed bug dragged us to have a look-see in some ancient ruins beneath our mine, didn’t let on to much of why. We lighted on some lizard creature who led us to this… black thing – buncha eyes an’ teeth, straight out of a horror story.

Jocelyn (off-screen): So there was a sample remaining here.

Ikal: You knew about that?

3: Jocelyn speaks, sitting stoically with hands folded.

Jocelyn: Our mission in coming to this planet was to find those ruins. We suspected there might be a sample of the creature down there, along with a shard of the Silver Mass.

Ikal: Right, the silver thing. That was there too, both lost in a cave in. The whole ruin was already whomper-jawed and might be gone goslin in a few years either way, if we didn’t tip the whole place right over in the tussle.

Jocelyn: It’s a shame, then, that we could not retrieve it nor the sample.

Ikal: What do you mean?…