1: The two stay there in uncomfortable silence, neither of them sure of what to say next.

2: Ikal slowly stands up, putting his hat on.

Ikal: Think it’s time I made tracks, marm…

Jocelyn (off-screen): Ikal… I hope this has not soured your view of my species.

Ikal: I set much by you but on this we don’t agree none, old friend. That dog just wont hunt. But like usual with you folk, I know when I’m over my head.

3: Ikal rubs his eyes.

Ikal: But I do know I got a long road ahead of me.

4: Jocelyn looks worried.

Jocelyn: I’ve been on this planet long enough to know when someone is exhausted. You rode all day, didn’t you?

Ikal (off-screen): I can tough out worse.

Jocelyn: Ikal, pleaseā€¦

5: Ikal tries to mediate.

Ikal: I wont be falling for no more set-to about that creature. I want to end this thinking y’all are kind and decent folk.

Jocelyn: Things are complicated, but I can promise we would never act rashly.

And I can promise you some well earned rest before we’re forced to part ways for good.

6: Ikal folds his arms and tries to hide a smile.

Ikal: Fine, but I have one condition.