1: “Hedgeworth” is on the ground, looking shocked and confused. His disguise is gone among sparks: a pale purple, alien bug in a business suit there on the ground.

2: Ikal, looking smug and satisfied, leans back against his desk, twirling the disguise bracelet around on one finger.

Ikal: Tirin’ of your kind always tryin’ ter sell me a dog, so let’s have this above board: what’s really on your mind?

3: Hedgeworth slowly stands, adjusting his suit.

Hedgeworth: Your lack of manners is on my mind, now.

How did you know?

4: Ikal waves Tucker out of his hiding spot.

Ikal: Tucker? This the maverick you were lookin’ for?

Tucker: Uh huh. I recognized him by his scent!

Hedgeworth: “Tucker”? Who is…

5: Tucker takes down his disguise to reveal to Hedgeworth his true form.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): …Oh, it’s you! What are you doing all the way out here?

6: Ikal has pulled his chair out from around the desk to sit. Hedgeworth sets his chair back up.

Ikal: Says he were lookin’ for yer.

Hedgeworth: You’re not out here alone, are you?

Tucker: I am. No one’s allowed to leave the settlement, I had to sneak out to find you.