1: Ikal squints at Hedgeworth.

2: Around Hedgeworth’s wrist, barely visible under his jacket, is a bracelet much like what Tucker wears: a glassy jewel held by metal similar to the device that Jocelyn wore.

3: Ikal stands.

Ikal: So, what you need is someone who can figure out what happened… Keep things hushed, in case it’s a ring of high-graders on the dodge and we spook ’em more?

4: Ikal is walks back around the side of his desk towards Hedgeworth.

Hedgeworth: I hope you understand. With everyone rushing West in hopes of finding gold, it’s already difficult to maintain workers for a lead and zinc mine outside of local help.

I can’t have people scared away if something untoward did happen.

5: Ikal stands behind Hedgeworth, hands on shoulders, the business bird looks quite uncomfortable.

Ikal: I reckon so. I’d hate to see all your business plans…

6: Ikal pushes down on the back of his chair, topping his chair over.

Ikal: …fall!

7: With Hedgeworth’s arms up in a panic, Ikal grabs his wrist, tugging that jeweled bracelet off him.