1: Ikal opens the door to a well-dressed bird. He is Colin Hedgeworth, a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, the owner of the Tar Creek company.

Hedgeworth: Ah! Good morning, Mr. Tinalto.

Ikal (off-screen): An’ hello again, Mr. Hedgeworth. Come on in.

2: Ikal shuts the door as Hedgeworthfully enters the room, taking his hat off.

Hedgeworth: I greatly appreciate you letting me see you on such short notice. This is a bit of an emergency, I’m afraid.

Ikal: This ain’t something one of your foremen can handle? You almost got more law than we do these days.

Hedgeworth: No, I need… I’d rather not have anyone in the company hear about this. We, ah… you see, two of my miners and one foremen have disappeared.

3: Hedgeworth has taken a seat. Ikal sets his own chair down behind his desk.

Ikal: That’s a tragedy, Mr. Hedgeworth. But, with all due respect, mining accidents aren’t exactly uncommon, especially with a mine as big as yourn.

Hedgeworth: I know what a mining accident looks like. There is rubble, bodies, torn clothes. These men have simply vanished.

4: Ikal takes a seat behind his desk. There is a folded note on the desk before him that he glances at. Tucker has reached out from the small cabinet and it’s still open a crack.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): Investors like to keep a close eye on my mines, and things are already difficult with… well, you know most of my miners are ex-criminals. They’re difficult to manage as is, I can’t let people hear about mysterious disappearances and getting ideas.

5: A close-up of the note in Ikal’s hands. It is in scrawled avian text.

Translation: THAT HIM -T