1: As the two talk, Ikal paces a little.

Ikal: So, they’ve got the place locked down, and they don’t want to risk lookin’ for this one guy so y’all can skedaddle? But you think he’s alive, just bushed up somewhere?

Tucker: I know he is, and I remember him mentioning this area!

He’s a scientist, he was convinced there was something important around here.

Ikal: Well, how’d we-

2: Ikal has his back to the door, he turns to look at it.

Deputy Nández (through door): Sheriff! Mr. Hedgeworth is here to see you!

3: Tucker is already in the process of quickly activating his bird disguise.

Ikal: Y-… right.

You gotta hide or… stay out of the way or somethin’.

4: Ikal straightens his shirt, Tucker stuffs himself into the side cabinet of Ikal’s wooden desk.

5: The little bird gets himself inside, a few bottles of alcohol rolling out onto the floor.

Ikal (off-screen): Quiet as a mouse now.