1: Tucker pulls up a sleeve and is fiddling with a jeweled bracelet.

Tucker: I’m gonna get in so much troubleā€¦

2: Now, standing before Ikal is a small, young bug, its shell a pinkish red hue.

Ikal (off-screen): Now, let’s start over. What are you doin’ alone all the way in Clearwater?

I’m guessin’ the big bugs didn’t exactly give yer permission.

Tucker: Well…

3: The bug gesticulates with his hands as he speaks. Ikal drags his chair around to the front of his desk.

Tucker: I heard so much about how you helped us before, with the eggs I mean. And everyone always said that if we needed someone out here, you’d be the one to call.

Ikal: So they sent… How old are you, kiddo?

Tucker: Three Earth years, sir.

4: Ikal squints.

Ikal: You gotta be pulling my tail, right?

They sent a three-year-old?

5: Tucker gesticulates frantically.

Tucker: No, they didn’t send me. They’re not letting anyone out of the camp, but someone’s missing and I know he’s not dead!

You’re the only one I could think of that could help me find him before we run out of time!

Ikal: Run outta time? Whatcha mean?

6: He looks up at Ikal, excited.

Tucker: Our ship! It’s ready!

We get to leave the planet soon!