1: Upstairs, in Ikal’s office, the little bird happily eats a bowl of seeds and dried fruit, sitting on the floor. Ikal hangs his hat onto a rack near the door. The shades are drawn, making the room dim.

Ikal: Tucker, was it? Now… apparently, you were hopin’ to talk with me, that right, lil’ feller?

Tucker: Uh huh! Um, yes sir.

2: Ikal leans on his desk, looking evenly.

Ikal: Does this have anythin’ to do with you returnin’ my poncho?

3: Tucker looks shocked, mouth full of food, and looking away.

Ikal (off-screen): I’d know my hand-wove, one of a kind poncho anywhere, I had it since before I was knee high to you even. So where’d you find it?

Tucker: Um… I… stole it?

Ikal (off-screen): You stole it. From who?

4: Smiling, sly Ikal quips.

Ikal: It weren’t from a bunch of skeersome, alien bug people, were it?

5: Tucker looks up, pretty surprised at Ikal.

Ikal: C’mon now, kid, you’re safe in here. Stop pretendin’ to be a bird and let’s acknowledge the corn here.

Tucker: Aw sheesh… okay.