1: A low sunrise lights the corner of wooden buildings of Clearwater’s town center, the Sheriff’s Department.

2: Inside, a Canary in a deputies badge lounges at the front desk, claws resting on the desk.

3: Ikal Tanalto enters the sheriff’s department, bright sunlight cast from behind him. He wears a sherrifs badge on a new poncho.

Ikal: Look alive, Deputy.

Deputy Nández (off-screen): Ah! G’mornin’, Sheriff.

4: Ikal’s deputy stands and holds out a small handful of letters.

Ikal: What’s the word Nández?

Deputy Nández: You know Mr. Hedgeworth, the biggity auger from up Tar Creek? Well he came here real late of the night, said he wanted to talk with you. Told him to come back in the mornin’, an’ you ain’t never here before dawn.

Ikal: Hmm, sounds a lot more urgent than his normal business. Did he say what’s got his craw?

Deputy Nández: He wouldn’t say. He’s real slab-sided, don’t ever say much.

5: The roadrunner sorts through some of the letters while he walks.

Deputy Nández (off-screen): And we’ve got us a guest. Illegal possession of a firearm.

Ikal: Don’t get a lot of outlaws round these parts, ‘specially not one pulled in for hauling iron.

Deputy Nández (off-screen): He’s ain’t an outlaw, boss, he uh…

6: Down the hallway connecting to the holding cells, to his surprise, he sees a young, thin bird behind bars. A Rufous-capped Warbler, no older than 10 or 11. The small bird is wears a familiar poncho.

Ikal: What the! This lil’ chickabit? Don’t tell me you kept a kid in the pokey all night!

Deputy Nández (off-screen): We couldn’t find his kin! That’n he refused to talk t’anyone but you. He requested you by name, Sheriff: plenty of that goin’ round t’day.