1: The three talk in the dim office.

Ikal: Well, Hedgeworth, we known each other for, what, a year? And you been hidin’ this from me?

Hedgeworth: We have to be extra careful, Mr. Tinalto, even if some of us trust you. My discovery could have dire consequences.

2: Tucker gets closer to Hedgeworth.

Tucker: But now we can take you back now, right? There’s still time before we all leave!

3: Ikal squints his eyes.

Ikal: Why’re you still out here anyway? I reckon you’re not gettin’ yourself stranded here to turn a profit and play the finical skull on a lead an’ zinc mine.

4: Hedgeworth leans back, his mandibles rubbing nervously.

Hedgeworth: I’ve found something. Something very important to our species. It’s one of the reasons we came to this planet in the first place.

After everything that happened to us on this planet, most gave up on our mission, but I found it!

5: Ikal’s expression is concerned as he listens.

Hedgeworth (off-screen): I have not lied to you. Three workers have disappeared in my mines. But I’m afraid the reason is more dire, I believe they may have disappeared into ancient ruins hidden beneath your town.

That is why I came to find you. The ruins are too dangerous for an old scientist like myself to explore alone.

Ikal: What’s in these “ruins” what’s worth gettin’ stuck here for?

6: Hedgeworth looks excited.

Hedgeworth: Knowledge, Mr. Tinalto. The information that could be in these ruins, it is crucial for our survival as a species.