1: Hedgeworth is looks more worried and emotive, speaking emphatically.

Ikal: An’ what could be so important that it’s been locked up underground forever?

Hedgeworth: It is a cure. Our people are sick – we have… we have an ancient sickness that threatens to wipe us from the galaxy if we do not overcome it. Contained in these ruins, we think, is the answer to our troubles.

Ikal: If this is so important, why’re you scouting this by your lonesome?

2: Tucker listens, he seems a little confused.

Hedgeworth: I tried to ask for help. My old allies are convinced the answers are not worth it, or not here at all. They do not have the scientific insight that I do.

3: Ikal scratches his head, brow furrowed.

Ikal: You’re really puttin’ me in a bind here. Guess I can’t leave this on a lick and a promise if it means y’all’d get sick and die.

Hedgeworth: Then… will you help me? Will you help us?

4: The two shake hands.

Ikal: You can count on me: peace for us and for yer people, that’s a fair shake.

Hedgeworth: Thank you, thank you Ikal… this means the world to me. Our whole race will be thankful.

5: They all stand. Ikal hands over the disguise bracelet.

Hedgeworth: If the child is right about our ship, then time is not on our side. We’ll have to do this tonight. Can you come to the mine after sundown?

Ikal: I agree, we’d better buckle to it if y’all’re to eventuate your stay in Clearwater. What about the kiddo?

Hedgeworth: You’d best keep him somewhere safe and out of sight. I have to spend the day attending to business, as I may… it seems I might be on extended leave before long.