1: Ikal inspects Tucker’s pistol, a Devisme Percussion revolver: a cutting edge double-action revolver.

Caption: Later…

Ikal: I’ve never seen a cannon like this, it’s fine as cream gravy… Where’d you get it?

2: Still in the office, Tucker sits on the desk in his disguise.

Tucker: I borrowed it from some of the researchers. They’ve been collecting examples of modern Earth technology.

Ikal: Do you even know how to use this?

Tucker: Sure! I’ve been practicing on rocks and trees!

3: Ikal turns away, holding the gun up just out of the smaller bird’s reach, playing with its exotic mechanics. We see Ikal’s gun wrack has a collection of intricate firearms on it, he seems to be quite the collector himself.

Tucker: Hey! Come on.

Ikal: My pop would have whooped me across the entire desert if he caught me packin’ iron at your age.

4: Tucker slumps back into his seat, looking grumpy.

Tucker: I was told that we age a lot faster than everyone on this planet, so that’s hardly fair.

Ikal (off-screen): Yeah, how is it you’ve got such a grasp on speaking after only three years? Growing fast is one thing, but…

Tucker: Borrowed memories!

Ikal (off-screen): Pardon?

5: Tucker explains the alien concept, in the larger view of Ikal’s office we see a few sentimental trinkets along with his weapon collection, a daguerreotype of his inauguration as sheriff, and a portrait of Scarlet the barmaid seen in issue #7.

Tucker: When one of us dies, we usually manage to… sort of take most of their memories and preserve them. We keep them in a way that they can be passed down directly.

Ikal: What, so you write down their whole life story?

Tucker: No, it’s more than that. It’s their actual memories, the things they’ve learned, they can be put directly into a new person’s head.

Nothing is lost that way.