1: Tucker looks proudly up at Ikal.

Ikal (off-screen): And… how many peoples’ worth of learnin’ you got in your head?

Tucker: Two botanists and a historian!

2: Ikal looks suspiciously, and protectively at the gun he’s holding.

3: He looks back to Tucker.

Ikal: And none of them sound like a sheriff, so I can’t have you going heeled about town.

Tucker (off-screen): Man…

4: Tucker hops off his desk and looks over the pictures and guns hung along Ikal’s wall.

Tucker: Are these all yours?

Ikal (off-screen): ‘Course, this is my office after all.

Tucker: I bet you’ve had a ton of adventures.

Ikal (off-screen): Well…

Tucker: You’re even cooler than the stories.

5: Tucker looks back, excitedly, at Ikal.

Ikal (off-screen): What stories?

Tucker: The stories of you defeating the queen and rescuing all the eggs! Facing down rockslides!

6: Ikal looks sheepish as he listens.

Tucker (off-screen): I grew up hearing all about you, and other cowboys, I always wanted to be just like you! Learn to ride and shoot and be heroic.

7: Ikal, ruffles at the kid’s feathers through this hat.

Ikal (off-screen): So you figured you’d go off and see the elephant, as it were? Well, kid, I’ve got an idea.