1: On an old wooden fence, we see a number of glass bottles lined up.

2: With a loud smashing sound, one is shattered apart by a bullet.

3: Tucker is out of his disguise and leaned over on a large boulder, his two left eyes shut, his gun held in both hands. Ikal stands beside him, looking on with arms crossed. They are in the bare desert, far away from civilization.

Ikal: Well, maybe you ain’t so tender-footed as I thought, lil’ lone star.

4: Ikal leans in close to him.

Ikal: You gotta keep both eyes open though, don’t close one.

Or, uh, keep all four of yourn open. You need the depth.

5: Ikal curiously looks over the pink shell of the bug.

6: In a flashback: Ikal’s poncho full of large insectoid eggs he rescued from the cave. One of them, through the translucent fluids of the egg, is looking up at him, its soft shell a familiar pink.

7: Ikal looks forward towards where Tucker is shooting.

8: We see their silhouettes, the sun is setting.